What do you make?

We are devoted to using botanical ingredients to make extraordinary spirits. Right now, we can bottle and sell our Rhodium Gin and Rhodium Vodka. We have small batches of Limoncello, Rhodium Pink Gin, and our first flavored vodka, Rhode Island Red, ready to taste and soon to be bottled.

Are your spirits gluten free?

All our products start life as corn neutral spirits, so they never had gluten and never will.

How do I buy your products?

For the moment, we can sell Rhodium Vodka and Rhodium Gin from our tasting room in Pawtucket. As soon as we finish the paperwork, we will be working with a distributor to supply our products to store, bars, and restaurants in Rhode Island. If you’d like to see us in stores in other states, tell us where you are, and as we grow we’ll look for a distributor there!

Can I have a meeting/party at the tasting room?

We love to host groups, and if you have people looking to join you for an after-work or weekend event, however large or small, call or write to us. We can make the tasting room, or a part of it, available to you! (Occasionally we can offer other times and days for private events; contact us if you’re interested.)

How can I contact you?

Phone: (401) 744-9363

Email: info@rhodeislandspirits.com